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Librarians, FIND!

October 6, 2011

flickr: elawgrrl

I was searching for new applications to help me on my runs and I found a new application called Zombies, Run! This application, which will be out next year, places you in a scenario where zombies are everywhere and the only way to survive is to physically run through a set of missions. As you complete the missions you can earn points which can add up to badges and other awards. Some would consider this the gamification of running or in other words making running a game. Others might consider this a different portion of the motion games such as the games on the Wii systems, XBOX Kinect or the Sony Move. I’ll probably purchase the Zombies, Run! adventure game especially if it can help me stay motivated to run farther.

This application gave me an idea for game that could be played in the library using similar ideas as the Zombies, Run! game. There are a few different games that could be played. One example could be to build a scavenger hunt game during the library orientation. Patrons or students would run around the library or the library portal solving research challenges or games that would familiarize patrons with the library. Another example which might be far more sophisticated is to set up a service where people ask research or information discovery in a central location and patrons of the library answer those questions. If the answers are correct then the patrons of the library receive rewards such as bookmarks or badges. These games do not diminish the role of the library or the librarian but allow patrons to interact with the library in a different fashion.

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