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Do You Have Any Independent Videogames In Your Library?

October 27, 2011


An independent game is one produced, built and distributed by individuals who are not associated with the some of the big game producers such as Microsoft, Blizzard, etc. One example of great independent game maker is Rovio who are largely successful with their Angry Birds game. Independent game developers are usually smaller in size and are usually platform agnostic which means that they don’t usually require a console (Xbox 360, Wii, etc). Most will be played on a large hub such as Popcap or Zynga.  However, others will be developing their products on portals or building games that can be played on phones.

Why should libraries be concerned with independent games and bringing them into the library? First, there is a cost. Independent games are usually free (but with advertisements) or they are significantly cheaper than a new XBOX 360 game. Using independent videogames to set up a collection would be an easy and low cost way to see if there is interest for other types of games. Second, independent games can usually be played on any computer with a browser. As many libraries have computers, they already have a the hardware necessary to play the game. Third, as these are independent and usually small games, there is a good chance that there will be a videogame development company near your library. This means that a strong relationship could be built with the development company similar to the relationship that could be built with a local author or artist.

If you are a librarian who is interested in bringing more people to the library or starting a video game collection but not sure if there is an interest in the community, consider looking at independent games.

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