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February 28, 2013

We have been quiet on the blog front for many months, but that is because we’ve been working hard behind the scenes writing and editing reviews.  And today, we have exciting news to report…

We’ve hit a milestone!  We have uploaded our 101st review! 

(We would have posted about uploading our 100th review (a more traditional milestone), but a bunch of new reviews all came in at the same time).

The reviews that we have posted on this site do not follow any particular pattern.  They cover a wide range of formats (3DS, iOS, PC, PS3, XBLA, Xbox 360, and Wii), come from both independent and mainstream developers, and range in titles that are appropriate for everybody to those that are just for mature audiences.

Although our database focuses on award winning titles, not all of our reviews were written about award-winning games.  Further, not every review was positive.

Highest Score: Peggle (100/100 Very Highly Recommended)

Lowest Score: Fantastic Pets (50/100 Not Recommended)

Most Highly Reviewed Series: God of War (God of WarGod of War IIGod of War IIIGod of War: Chains of OlympusGod of War: Ghost of Sparta)

To see a complete list of games reviewed, please visit the Reviews page.

Thank you to all who have contributed!  We couldn’t have reached this goal without you.

If you are interested in writing a review, please go to this page.

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