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BurgerTime World Tour

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Date of Review: January 27, 2013
Format Reviewed: XBLA
Language / Country of Origin: English / Japan
Online Capability: Online multiplayer is available for this title.
Prequels: BurgerTime, BurgerTime Deluxe, Super BurgerTime
Equipment Needed: None needed.
Maintenance Required: None required.
Cost: 800 Microsoft Points.

BurgerTime World Tour is a patty stomping food fight of a different kind. The main objective in each city themed level is to build a series of burgers. You do this by walking or running over multiple layers of ingredients (cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.), which are inconveniently separated by several floors and stories. Sometimes you’ll get a chain effect that’ll knock down a few food items in one go.

Burger building would be too easy without a couple baddies patrolling the grounds to get in your way, so watch out for angry eggs, peeved pickles and other condiment like characters that will kill you with a single hit. They’ll jump, charge and stalk you every chance they get; you can either fight them off using a powerup, or crush them when they walk under an ingredient you’re standing on. There are also spikes, barrels and bosses to contend with across locales that include Paris and Tokyo.

All in all, BurgerTime World Tour is a cute and challenging platformer. The 3D graphics and themed levels give it a real boost from the game’s arcade roots while still maintaining plenty of that old school charm.

This game does not have a plot.

You use simple controls to walk over toppings, jump, climb ladders and combat enemies.

Cultural / Historical Value:
BurgerTime is an old-time arcade game from the ’80s and definitely one that should be on par with Pac-man as a classic hit. This game attempted a new formula for an old classic.

Teaching / Learning Characteristics:
Like most arcade and platform games, you need to learn how to be stealthy to outwit those pesky condiments!

Replay Value:
This is one of those games that’s fun for an impromptu play whenever. Some of the achievements are killer (like not dying in any level) and will take a lot of practice.

Likely Audiences:
Fans of retro fun.

Overall Score:

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