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Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do!

April 5, 2011

Video Game Cat Review

Date of Review: January 29, 2013
Format Reviewed: Xbox 360
Language / Country of Origin: English / United States
Online Capability: None.
Prequels: Carnival Games, Carnival Games Mini-Golf, New Carnival Games
Sequels: Carnival Games Wild West 3D
Featured characters: Barker
Equipment Needed: Xbox 360 and Kinect (along with plenty of room to play).
Maintenance Required: None required.

Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do! is the Kinect version of the Carnival Games franchise. It consists of 20 fair themed activities; some typical of what you’d expect to play at a carnival (such as a dunk tank and knocking over milk jugs), while other games take a more creative license (catching funnel cakes or mimicking some monkey moves). You can even purchase prizes and unlock real life avatar awards in this game.

While most of the mini-games in this collection are fun and well done, there are a few (like the ring toss game and Mars Lander) where proper tracking of gamers’ movement is a real issue. It seems like it would be a better game to rent than own due to its limited content and frequently pesky controls.

This is just a game full of mini-games.  There is no plot to speak of.

Use Kinect functionality to play through the games. All come with brief tutorials.

Cultural / Historical Value:
This is the first Kinect title for the Carnival Games series.  The game was released to a mixed reception, with critics complaining about the wonky controls but others stating that the game meets its target in that it is fun for children.

Teaching / Learning Characteristics:
There is not much to learn from this game.  All of the mini-games are motion based.  You could say that it teaches hand-eye coordination, except that the controls are frustrating and inaccurate – so it’s actually a lesson in frustration.

Replay Value:
There is not much replay value.  However, that being said, there are achievements for buying all the prizes, which will take awhile.

Likely Audiences:
This is a game that was meant for kids and they are probably the only ones who will really enjoy this game.

Overall Score:

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