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November 16, 2010

Video Game Cat Review

Date of Review: January 30, 2013
Format Reviewed: Xbox 360
Language / Country of Origin: English / United States
Online Capability: None.
Equipment Needed: None needed.
Maintenance Required: None required.

Create is a game that allows your imagination to explode. It is comprised of 14 themed worlds (carnival, space, etc.) that each contain a half dozen or so levels. Within any of these levels you may be required to decorate something, construct something or solve a puzzle using a limit number of odds ‘n ends. The challenges get harder as you progress in each world, and all come with a certain amount of “sparks” attached. This currency can be used to buy new levels, worlds and objects.

The cool thing about the puzzles in Create is that you really have to put your imagination to work to solve them. Challenges are often physics based, and the humorous items you sometimes get left to work with (think toasters, magnets and endless bouncy bumpers) definitely require ingenuity. You may have to build a contraption that can go the distance or tie a bunch of balloons to something. Sometimes crashing a few vehicles can even be your best option for solving a puzzle! You can go to town customizing the worlds and even design your own puzzles.

With over 100 interesting challenges and so many different ways to personalize your play space, Create is truly a rare gem when it comes to video games that pack that unique factor. It’s definitely the kind of game you want to play if you’ve ever made a homemade invention or are a fan of MacGyver.

This game does not have a plot.

Use simple controls to set and tweak your solutions.

Cultural / Historical Value:
When released, Create received mixed reviews.  Some critics complained about the difficult controls and believe that the puzzles were not difficult enough.  Others praised the creativity and available customization.

Teaching / Learning Characteristics:
You’ll definitely be working your brain here not only in solving the puzzles, but in trying to better your score, too.  Many of the puzzles are physics-based, so you can learn about physics as well.

Replay Value:
High replay value.  Rewards are unlocked as players advance in the game and creations can be shared with an online community.

Likely audiences:
MacGyver. People who like using their mind creatively to solve problems.  Those who like a challenge.

Overall Score:

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