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Diner Dash: Flo on the Go

June 4, 2007
Alcohol Reference

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Date of Review: August 1, 2012
Format Reviewed: PC
Language / Country of Origin: English / USA
Online Capability: None, although you can play the game online on PlayFirst’s site.
Prequels: Diner Dash.
Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue, Diner Dash: Sizzle & Serve, Diner Dash: Hometown Hero, Diner Dash: Seasonal Snack Pack, Diner Dash 5: BOOM!  Spinoffs include the Cooking Dash and Avenue Flo series. The main character, Flo, has also made appearances in other DASH games.
Featured Characters: Workaholic waitress, Flo, and her cooking pal, Darla; an assortment of disgruntled, hungry patrons.
Equipment Needed: PC with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7; 600 Mhz or better processor; 128MB RAM; 17MB memory; DirectX 6.0 or more
Maintenance Required: N/A

Diner Dash: Flo on the Go is the third game in PlayFirst’s five-part series and is one of the last installments of the game before the theme got really overdone. The storyline for this one centers around lost luggage and the cash that needs to be earned in order to replace it.

Like in all the Diner Dash games, the gameplay simulates the activities that might occur if you were busing tables in real life (minus the real life paycheck). You play as the perpetually overworked Flo whose hats include hostess, waitress and table busboy — all at the same time and working all alone.

Gameplay across the different stages is much the same, but the difficulty does increase the longer you go in terms of the amount of customers you have to deal with, their dispositions, the special seating arrangements that they require and so forth. It will take an extra helping of finesse to achieve Expert status on each crazed level.

Something new to this edition of the time management game is the ability to dress up Flo. Wardrobe items get unlocked as you progress in the game, and Flo will actually wear a mini version of what you put on her in the game!

While this third installment is similar to the previous two, it still provides quality and addictive gameplay for fans of the Diner Dash series. There are still plenty of little touches (such as tourists wanting their picture taken and seaside spills to attend to) that make it unique.

Flo finally takes a vacation…not! Be sure to get the name of the cruise company Flo went with so you can avoid it: first they lose her luggage, then they recruit her to take over the duties of the wait staff who have all mysteriously quit. Their proposition: Flo can earn back her clothes plus the cost of the trip by working on her vacation.

All done using the mouse. Click to drag and arrange customers by color into hued booths; click to take their order; click to deliver it to the chef; click to pick up the wares and deliver them to the customer; etc., etc. You have to be fast about it because in video game land, it is not a criminal offense to dine and ditch.

In addition to the regular story mode, there is an endless mode which is basically a never-ending shift from you-know-where. How long can you survive before you tick everyone off with subpar service? People get pretty angry when it comes to their food!

Cultural / Historical Value:
Diner Dash
is a classic when it comes to the time management genre. It has been so successful that it has resulted it multiple sequels and several spinoffs and is available to play across a wide variety of platforms.

Teaching / Learning Characteristics:
This is a game that requires quick thinking, some strategy and an ability to learn from your mistakes. Being able to juggle many tasks at once is said to be good for the brain.

Replay Value: I don’t see this having much replay value once you’ve completed all of the levels unless you really, really love Diner Dash. Shooting for Expert scores on all of the stages is the only real replay value this game has.

Likely Audiences:
Anybody, but probably not those who are waitresses in real life!

Overall Score:

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Alcohol Reference




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