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Date of Review: August 2, 2012
Format Reviewed: PS3
Language / Country of Origin: English / USA
Online Capability: None
Sequels: EyePet and Friends, EyePet Adventures
Equipment needed: PS3 and PlayStation Move controller.
Maintenance required: None required.

If you’ve ever wanted to make friends with a wild animal from the zoo, here’s your chance! EyePet goes way beyond the typical Tamagotchi or interactive iDog. You are able to get up close and personal with a virtual version of what appears to be a monkey with a human-like face.

In EyePet, you get to see yourself on your TV screen interacting with your pet. Like any real animal, your fellow primate requires food, exercise, love and a good scrub to live happily and healthfully. These needs can be tended to by mousing your Move controller over the corresponding menu button. While the little monkey is adorable, it does get pretty boring going through the motions to care for a virtual pet.

The second layer to the game involves completing challenges. Some examples are getting your monkey to make like a dog and perform tricks and decking him out in his desired outfit. New toys and clothes become available the further that you progress, but I have to warn you, you may find yourself “stuck” on a particular challenge with no way to bypass it or advance in the game if you can’t seem to complete it successfully. This is a real buzz kill because your entire playing experience is limited then.

Another important note is that even if you find navigating the challenges a breeze, EyePet puts a cap on the amount you can progress based on the calendar day. I’m not really a fan of games that do this, unless there is enough other things you can be doing in the meantime to justify it, which in EyePet’s case, there’s not.

Adopt and care for a virtual monkey.

Requires the PlayStation Move controller for this version. Gameplay is a cross between the Kinect and the Wii. You can see yourself on the screen and interact in real-time with your pet, put it still requires pointing a controller to perform most of the functions.

Cultural / Historical Value:

Virtual pets have been all the rage for years. This game is an example of taking it one step further with motion-based play.

Teaching / Learning Characteristics:
It’d be a stretch to say that EyePet teaches kids any sort of real responsibility, since the pet that they are caring for is fake.

Replay Value:
Can be played as long as you have an interest in caring for your pet and completing challenges. It probably won’t hold your attention for long enough to unlock everything, though.

Likely Audiences:
Only young kids interested in virtual pets stand a chance at truly enjoying this game.

Overall Score:


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GAME British Academy Video Game Awards 2010Family & Social Nominee

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