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Fable III

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Name: Fable III
Date of Review:  March 10, 2012
Format Reviewed:   Xbox 360
Language / Country of Origin:   English / USA
Online Capability:  There is an online cooperative mode where you can adventure with a friend.
Prequels: Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, Fable II
Sequels: Fable: The Journey.
Equipment Needed: None
Maintenance Required:


Half a century after Fable 2, Albion became an industrious civilization.  The Hero of Bowerstone from Fable 2 rose to the ranks of king/queen of Albion, but has since died – leaving two heirs:  a son, Logan, who has ruled Albion with a tyrannical fist since inheriting the throne, and his sibling, our hero (players can determine their gender).  The main goal of the game is to defeat Logan, usurp his throne, and attempt to restore wealth and happiness to Albion.  However, players must also contend with a darkness that waits beyond the realm, an army ready and waiting to strike and conquer the land.

Cultural / Historical Value: 
Fable 3, like its predecessors Fable and Fable 2, features amazing graphics, brilliant design, unparalleled style and unique gameplay.  Fable 3 has received widespread acclaim from gamers and critics alike.

Teaching / Learning Characteristics: 
Like Fable 2, Fable 3 is a game of choice and consequence.  Your character changes and evolves throughout the game depending on the choices one makes and how one interacts with the virtual world of Albion.  Players choose the gender of their hero and make decisions of both a moral and financial nature, affecting both their personal life but also the status of the kingdom at large.  Fable 3 directly simulates the tough decisions that must be made to balance the budget of a nation, contending with intertwined social and environmental issues.  Players can easily see how there are no easy solutions and that numerous concerns shape every decision.

Replay Value:
Fable 3 is a highly entertaining game with strong replay value.  Considering how different variables can change the game’s conclusion, players will want to replay the game to explore alternate paths it has to offer.  There are also numerous side missions that exist outside the main plot.

Likely Audiences:
As with the other games in the Fable series, fans of role-playing and action adventure games will enjoy Fable 3, as will anyone interested in a deep, non-linear plot.  Players intrigued by the effects of their moral choices should look at this title.  There is overt violence and sexual innuendo, meaning that as with the previous Fable games, younger audiences should stay away.

Overall Score:

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About the Author:
Ben Bigalke is an avid traveler, bicycle enthusiast, lover of animals and video gamer extraordinaire.  He grew up taking the stories and virtues told by the Nintendo of his childhood to heart.  As an adult, he continues to appreciate the entertainment and learning experiences that videogames offer and studies the technological and artistic advancements they have made throughout his lifetime.  As a videogame reviewer, he enjoys both observing and experiencing the cultural impact that these games have on his generation.



Award Giver Category Verdict
Spike Video Game Awards 2010Best Performance by a Human Male
(John Cleese as Jasper)
Spike Video Game Awards 2010Best RPG Nominee
Spike Video Game Awards 2010Best Xbox 360 Game Nominee
GAME British Academy Video Game Awards 2011Original Music Nominee
Interactive Achievement Awards 2011Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition Nominee
Interactive Achievement Awards 2011Role-Playing/Massively Multiplayer Game of the Year Nominee
Golden Joystick Awards 2011RPG of the Year Nominee

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ESRB Description:
Blood, Language, Sexual Content, Use of Alcohol, Violence



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