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Family Feud: 2012 Edition

October 18, 2011
Alcohol and Tobacco Reference, Crude Humor, Language, Suggestive Themes

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Date of Review: January 26, 2013
Format Reviewed: Xbox 360
Language / Country of Origin: English / United States
Genre: Puzzle
Online Capability: None.
Prequels:  Family Feud (1987), The All New Family Feud (1989), Family Feud (1991), Family Feud (1993), Family Feud (2000), Family Feud (2006), Family Feud: 2010 Edition, Family Feud: Decades, Family Feud (Facebook)
Equipment Needed: None needed.
Maintenance Required: None required.

Family Feud
is the classic survey quiz show where you strive to answer like 100 average Joes have. If playing alone, you get pitted against different difficulty A.I.s. Just as on the show, you want to come up with more of the better answers (or steal the puzzles from the opposing family) in order to win rounds and ultimately, the game.

It plays similar to Scattergories in that you must think of words or phrases that relate to a theme/question (e.g., “Name something you eat for breakfast”). However, answering is often frustratingly inconsistent; “Eggos” is an acceptable term for waffles, for example, but not “Pop Tarts” for toaster pastries. The best part of the game is always the Fast Money round, where you have to think quick on your feet for several categories not once, but twice.

There are 16 different themes to play under (Halloween, bowling alley, etc.), but they don’t really add much to the experience. The fact that you’re expected to win (not just play) all three difficulties across all 16 themes to net a completed game turns this one into a boring grind fest before long.


There is no plot for this game.


Use your controller to begin typing in your answer. The game will often popup some preloaded suggestions, which makes things easy to select.

Cultural / Historical Value:

Family Feud
has been a classic game show for years.  There have been many videogame adaptations.

Teaching / Learning Characteristics:

Racking your brain to come up with appropriate answers certainly works it; however, sometimes the “right” answers are ridiculous and completely off base from what a normal person would answer.  However, perhaps this gives a player some insight into American culture and opinions.

Replay Value:

Plenty replay value as long as you can stand to keep playing. The game comes with over 2000 questions. There are also somewhat amusing videos of Steve Harvey to unlock.

Likely Audiences:

Fans of Family Feud.  Other game show fans.

Overall Score:


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ESRB Description:
Alcohol and Tobacco Reference, Crude Humor, Language, Suggestive Themes



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