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April 12, 2011

Video Game Cat Review

Date of Review: January 28, 2013
Format Reviewed: Xbox 360
Language / Country of Origin: English / United States
Online Capability: None.
Featured Characters: Fantasy versions of ponies, puppies, kitties and lizards
Equipment Needed: Xbox 360 and Kinect (along with plenty of room to play).
Maintenance Required: None required.

Virtual pets are nothing new, but they’re just as popular now as they have been in the past. Like in other digital pet games, in Fantastic Pets, you get your choice of animal (horse, dog, cat or lizard) to play with and take care of. What makes this pet game different is that you can customize your companion animal in some pretty cool ways. You can make your canine resemble a gator, for example, or your feline a robot. The fact that you can personalize every aspect of your pet, from the color of its eyes to the type of claws, is what makes it “fantastic”.

There are a total of twelve mini-games in Fantastic Pets; these range from care activities like feeding and grooming to more extensive fun like popping bubbles and crashing into cardboard buildings. The good news about the games is that the tracking is pretty generous, making this a good pick for little ones. Gems are earned for playing the games, which in turn can be used to purchase more customizations and unlock new continents.

The bad thing about the game is that it limits the progress you can make on any given day. Also, because the whole thing is nothing but a handful of mini-games (including a daily talent show, which is more of the same), completely leveling up your trainer becomes a longwinded and boring process fairly quickly.

There is no plot to speak of.

Use your hands and arms to throw balls, jog in place and pick out new customizations for your pet.

Cultural / Historical Value:
This is one of many games in the virtual pet genre.  Critics gave the game average reviews.  There is nothing particularly notable about the title.

Teaching / Learning Characteristics:
All of the games are action based, so it’s mainly hand-eye coordination that’s being developed here.

Replay Value:
Moderate replay value; until playing the same set of mini-games over and over again gets boring.

Likely Audiences:
This game is probably only going to appeal to kids.

Overall Score:

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