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Kinect Adventures!

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Date of Review: August 2, 2012
Format Reviewed: Xbox 360
Language / Country of Origin: English / USA
Online Capability: None
Equipment Needed: Xbox 360, Kinect and controller.
Maintenance Required: Adequate space is needed to play the game comfortably and accurately. The sensor needs to be positioned at the correct height.

Kinect Adventures
is a surprisingly good Kinect game considering its main purpose is to showcase what the Kinect can do and was developed to be included in a bundle with the device. It contains just five mini-games, but each of them are unique and fun enough to warrant a couple dozen playthroughs.

My top two games in this adventure would have to be 20,000 Leaks and Reflex Ridge, while my bottom two are Rallyball and Space Pop (still fun in their own right). In 20,000 Leaks, you must frantically flail your hands and feet to plug holes in your sinking submarine. Schools of fish, crabs and even sharks will swim by to taunt you and will generate fresh leaks for you to stop back up. Reflex Ridge requires more of a workout, as you need to jump, duck and dodge a series of obstacles as you travel down an assembly line. There is also a whitewater rafting game where you have to steer your boat using your body.

Kinect Adventures doesn’t stop at mini-games when it comes to the fun. There are also “Living Statues” for you to record using a hilariously modified version of your own voice and avatar wearables to unlock that your Microsoft mini-me can sport in other games.

You’re a new member of the Adventure Team who must prove their worth in various thrill-seeking activities.

As the Kinect tagline says, You are the controller. Your in-game avatar mimics all of your moves in real-time. You use an outstretched hand to navigate the menus and your whole body to play the games. Unlike in other Kinect games, the controls respond well in this one.

Cultural / Historical Value:
Being one of the first games for the Kinect, Kinect Adventures will go down in history as being one of the earliest innovations for this new gaming technology.

Teaching / Learning Characteristics:
Hand-eye coordination, and that’s about it. There’s no puzzles to solve in any of the mini-games.

Replay Value:
While it does have just five different game types, the objectives across stages stay varied. There are also medals to shoot for.

Likely Audiences:
This is a good game for kids and adults alike, although some physical stamina is needed in a few of the games.

Overall Score:

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