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Voodoo Dice

May 26, 2010

Video Game Cat Review

Date of Review: January 27, 2013
Format Reviewed: XBLA
Language / Country of Origin: English / United States
Online Capability: None.
Equipment Needed: None needed.
Maintenance Required: None required.

Voodoo Dice is an interesting spatial puzzler that combines quick action with quick thinking. It packs a surprising amount of variety and challenge given the concept, which is to maneuver one die (or a set of dice glued together at the side) so that it lines up with and blasts through other numbered dice blockades.

Getting through all the obstacles ultimately requires more than sheer luck, as many of the levels are timed. You can fumble your way through some of the challenges, yes, but you’ll be much better off if you can learn to calculate and plan your moves. There are also killer dice to watch out for and certain switches you sometimes have to flip, adding to the challenge and variation.

There are a few themed worlds in this game, and it even comes with the option to “costume” your playing dice. When you want to take a break from the difficult and sometimes frustrating solo play, Voodoo Dice also has a decent set of fun mini-games that you can play in multiplayer.

This game does not have a plot.

Use the arrow keys to move your die or dice along a grid. Flip back and forth until the die face shows the necessary number allowing you to proceed.

Cultural / Historical Value:
The game received average reviews and was not a groundbreaking title by any means.

Teaching / Learning Characteristics:
Math, spatial thinking, problem solving and logic are all elements that will be tapped into with this game.

Replay Value:
The game has a fair amount of replay value considering the generous number of levels (60) and the option to go back and beat each one in Voodoo Time.  There are also 20 additional multiplayer levels that can be played.

Likely Audiences:
Fans of puzzle and/or arcade games.

Overall Score:

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