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Reviews are based on a standardized format.

To assist educators, along with documenting and discussing a game’s format(s), genre(s), release date, number of players, series, characters, online capability, plot, gameplay, and replay value, reviews assess a game’s cultural and historical value and teaching and learning characteristics.

Since reviews also strive to aid librarians in collection development decision making, reviews also evaluate if any equipment or maintenance are needed/required and recommend types of libraries and collections that particular games may fit into.

Videogamecat reviews assign scores to games on a 100-point scale (0 being the lowest and 100 being the highest).

Scores adhere to this scale:

1-59 Not Recommended
60-69 Recommended With Reservations
70-89 Recommended
90-99 Highly Recommended
100 Very Highly Recommended


Scores of 100 are avoided unless the game is virtually perfect.


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